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Complexe de culte royal - Amenhotep Ier à Karnak - Photo Louisa Ben Hamida 0

Un “complexe du culte royal” sous Amenhotep Ier à Karnak ?

Par : Louisa BEN HAMIDA (Univ. Montpellier 3 Paul-Valéry, UMR 5140 ASM/ENiM)
Abstract : Amenhotep I built several chapels and niches devoted to the royal cult in the courtyard in front of the Middle Kingdom temple at Karnak. The courtyard seems to have been a specific place for the veneration of the king which may constitute a “royal cult complex” inside the temple of Amun-Ra.


Compléments aux textes de la paroi sud des Annales Thoutmosis III à Karnak (I) : un nouveau fragment avec une mention d’jtrw

Abstract: The identification, on archive photos, of a new fragment (now lost) from the Annals of Thutmose III mentioning the word jtrw « river » leads to complete the text alluding to the building of a great userhat riverine bark of Amun by Thutmose III and to recognise an evocation of the one previously made in the name of Thutmose II.

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